I was sitting in a café yesterday with my assistant, Tom, and we got talking about BudgetProPhoto, and the reality of whether you really can be a photography pro without investing tens of thousands in your equipment. I said something stupid…

I made a bold claim that Tom is now going to hold me to.

Here’s what I said: I reckon I could take photos that 99% of the general public believe are the work of a professional photographer using high price photography gear… with a total set up cost of no more than £500.

Tom’s response? “Go on then.”

So, I’m doing it!

I’m setting aside £500 (about $650 for those in the US) to spend on camera, lenses, lights, peripherals… A field photography kit for less than the average worker’s weekly wage.

Impossible? Maybe.

But let’s give it a go.

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I’ve got some research to do…

Stay tuned to hear how I get on! Do you think it’s possible? What would you spend that money on? 

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