This is where we will post all the latest news from the BudgetProPhoto team. We’ll share updates on how to get the best photography deals. Find out what new low-cost kit is being launched and how it matches up with the premium brand alternatives.

Start saving money on your photography and video production kit and start creating amazing visuals without breaking the bank!

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Here at BudgetProPhoto we believe that great photography does not have to cost huge amounts of money.

If you want to spend $100,000 on your photography kit, then of course you can. But we have achieved everything that can be achieved with $100k equipment spending no more than $10k. I only own one thing that cost me more than $1,000. That is my main camera – a Canon 5D mkIV. Everything else I own has been bought second hand, or has been a budget gear option.

We’ll be posting more about our own photography kit list and where we have bought it all from. Stay tuned, sign up for our emails, and join the BudgetProPhoto journey. You’ll hear all about our story. You’ll also get up to the minute kit reviews and second hand and used photography and video equipment news and reviews.

Follow you dreams… and never let your bank balance come between you and success.