See below for all the latest tips and tricks for getting amazing results from low-cost photography kit. We believe there is a budget-friendly alternative to almost everything you want to do! There are so many low-cost options and budget equipment manufacturers around now. The world of photography and video has become accessible to everyone. The BudgetProPhoto team are committed to giving you all the information to fulfil your dreams and still have money left over!

So watch this space for the latest advice and tutorials on how to cut those costs, from industry pros.

Here are out latest articles with information, advice, tips and tricks for how to get the most out of your low-cost equipment and what budget options to buy:


Top Ten Tips to Improve Your Photography With ANY CAMERA

Have a read here of our blog post giving you ten tips on how to improve your photography with ANY CAMERA. So whether you’re using the most expensive camera ever known, or just using whatever camera your smartphone has, these tips will help you get better results from your photography – 


How Many Megapixels Do I Really Need?

If you own a camera, or even a phone these days, then you have heard of megapixels. You might not really know what they are, but you will have heard of them. The big question is… how many Megapixels do you need? Do you need ALL the megapixels? The short answer is NO. You really don’t. Sure, you need some. But not ALL. Read our article here –


How To Become A Pro Photographer

Want to become a pro photographer? You can. It’s easy. Do it today, don’t wait. We’ve written a guide on how to become a pro… but it’s not about taking this course or that course, or buying certain equiepment, or getting qualifications… our guide on how to become a pro photographer is all about how to deal with the assholes who try to get in your way, and how to get your head in the right space to just get out there and do it! Have a read of our article here:


The BudgetProPhoto philosophy is that you can achieve everything that a pro can achieve, without spending money. You’ll have to spend some money… nothing is free! But where a pro might spend $100k on their kit, you can spend $1k and achieve the same results.

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